When did Facebook (Meta) Become Such a Mystery?

Just a while ago, a long list of Facebook.. er.. Meta.. followers meant a bigger email list… and a more profitable online business. While that still may be true, things are a little different now. Facebook continues to poke, prod and refine its algorithm. We could sit here and complain about constantly having to iterate. Or, we could see it as an opportunity.  Most people are still marketing on Facebook […]

How to Recoup Your Brand Image After a Faux-pas

If you care about your personal brand, you probably make an effort to not put your brand’s hypothetical foot in its mouth. Even without formal training, this awareness is known as reputation management. Oftentimes news breaks of a tone-deaf or in-poor-taste advertisement that rubs audiences the wrong way. That is the focal point of our article today; how to identify a mistake in record time and also rectify it like […]

How to #Hack the #Hashtag

Hashtags may seem a little played out, but the age of the hashtag is still not dead. Hashtags have been around since the dawn of time, well at least since the advent of social media. And while they may be used a little more tastefully (read: sparingly) they still serve an important purpose for brands, companies, influencers, and users alike. In our next blog we will break down why hashtags […]

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB for short) is a free web tool which My Social Biz excels at helping our clients scale with. The main objective of the sub-platform is to help local businesses achieve higher visibility on Google Search for relevant local searches. Through the use of Google My Business, owners of local companies can control and improve their visibility on Google Search. Optimizing your listing and page can help […]

Defining Your Branding Strategy in 2022

When you hear the word ‘branding’, you’ll probably automatically think of a logo. Logos are a major part of the way we see the world, and unconscious recognition of perceived “value”. Some examples are the golden arches of McDonald’s, the iconic red Coca-Cola script or the simple outline of Apple. But, a brand is bigger than a logo and you should never stop there.  To map and plan your brand […]

Your 2022 SEO Playbook: Top 5 Plays for Success

SEO is a changing beast and staying on top of it should be your businesses top priority. Our last post on SEO was a hit, and helped a number of our clients see success with their SERP scores. That’s why it’s time to give you a head-start on boosting your SEO strategy for 2022! Improve Your Site’s Core Web Vitals  What is a core vital? It’s a derivative of increased […]

“Dark Social Traffic”; do you know this spooky marketing term?

You probably know social media interaction as a never ending scrolling feed of updates from friends, family, influencers, and brands alike. Sharing memes, posting stories, and making statuses is the usual understanding of what it is. While that is ostensibly what it is, there are many deeper layers to what social media activity can look like aside from pressing a heart button.  Understanding Dark Social Online content can be shared […]

There is still time to ride the Tik Tok wave!

Tik Tok has taken over the western hemisphere as a leading social media platform, and has scaled it’s total user base to over 1 billion people. With a wide array of content and subject matters, it’s not just an app for teens and tweens. Users of all ages are joining the TikTok phenomenon, with celebrities, influencers, publishers, and household brands now in the mix. You may be wondering if this […]

What is Ad Fatigue — And Why Should You Be Concerned About It.

Picture this: your ads are approved, they are spending budget, and all is seemingly going well! Your company (or your clients) have noticed valuable ROI and the campaigns are making the phones ring. 1 month goes by, then 2, and then 3. All of a sudden you stop noticing the results you had in the beginning. What gives? Even PPC professionals with substantial advertising experience can encounter the problem of […]

Marketing’s Unsung Hero: Gated Content

Do you know what is the top priority for marketers? It’s lead generation.  But, that’s not really surprising. You hear it all the time, and it seems like a fairly easy task to complete. But how do marketers generate more leads? In this post, let’s take a look at what gated content is and how you can use it on your website.  If you have a small budget, or no-budget […]

Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with Pixels

Having the right tracking pixels placed can be almost forgotten. But when you are relying on lookalike targeting and prospecting to find more potential customers for your brand, having a solid amount of visitors already tagged is important. So why wait? It’s time to get pixeling! Let the My Social Biz teach ‘ya how.  So, What are Tracking Pixels in Marketing?  Advertising Pixels, also known as tags or beacons, are […]

Make Your Website Great Again… 2021 Edition

How many times have you heard the word “UX” compatible or “UX” optimized thrown around in design specs or pitch-decks? It’s a common selling point for digital designers, and there is not a ton of quantitative data that backs up certain choices for layout or aesthetics.  UX is an art and has been closely studied, as seen in Peter Moreville’s “Honeycomb” model. Like any theory,  it’s been argued over, but […]