When you hear the word ‘branding’, you’ll probably automatically think of a logo. Logos are a major part of the way we see the world, and unconscious recognition of perceived “value”. Some examples are the golden arches of McDonald’s, the iconic red Coca-Cola script or the simple outline of Apple. But, a brand is bigger than a logo and you should never stop there. 

To map and plan your brand scaling efforts, you need a blueprint to be successful. Here’s how you can develop a solid branding strategy off the jump.

What is Branding?

Why bother to think about building a brand? Whether you offer a digital service or a physical product, you will need a foundational mission (and image) to associate with your brand. 

Branding serves a few purposes.

  • allow you to differentiate yourself versus competitors: Building a brand above and beyond your products and services will ensure that you are more than just a commodity.
  • help you win loyal customers.
  • let you charge higher prices: A strong brand creates a greater perceived value and fans will willingly pay more.

To create a killer brand strategy you will need to asses the following 5 elements of a strong brand; (1) brand purpose, (2) values, (3) brand personality, (4) positioning and (5) brand identity. Let’s break these down: 

1. Find your purpose

You may have a very clear idea of why you started your. Many call it their ‘‘purpose’, ‘mission statement’, or your ‘why’—but you need to have a clear idea of your reason for existing (and it can’t be “to make money”!). A great way to think about this is to put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer; and have a brainstorming session with your team to understand why someone would choose your brand over another. On top of this, brainstorming situations or scenarios in which your product or brand is the solution is a great way to understand value props. 

2. Values

Your values are right at the core of your brand: what you want to stand for. As with the brand’s purpose, communicating clear values will attract customers who share those values. Those values will also guide your business decisions and help you make strategic trade-offs. You can’t be everything to everyone, so clarifying your values will help you with decisions like whether your website should be simple and easy to understand or detailed and comprehensive; whether your products should be made of the very best quality materials or you can compromise on quality because affordability is more important; and so on.

3. Create a brand personality

If your brand were a person, what kind of person would it be? This one is a bit less obvious but can really help to guide your choices when it comes to how you communicate, the kind of content you share and the tone of voice that you use with your audience. Sketching a character is a great way to get into the head of your ideal customer. 

4. Pinpoint your positioning

Your positioning is all about standing for something specific and meaningful to your customers, something that is different to the other players in the market. You want to be crystal clear on the benefits that your products and services provide. Avoid reaching claims or anything unjustifiable. By providing tangible and accurate information you build credibility behind your company. 

5. Build your brand identity

The final part of your branding strategy goes back to the DNA of your brand: the physical and the cognitive. Your objective here is for your customers to be able to recognize your brand in all your communication—even if you cover up the brand name! That means being strategic and consistent in how you bring to life your brand purpose, values, brand personality and key benefits across your brand materials and touchpoints.
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