When did Facebook (Meta) Become Such a Mystery?

Just a while ago, a long list of Facebook.. er.. Meta.. followers meant a bigger email list… and a more profitable online business. While that still may be true, things are a little different now. Facebook continues to poke, prod and refine its algorithm. We could sit here and complain about constantly having to iterate. Or, we could see it as an opportunity.  Most people are still marketing on Facebook […]

How to Recoup Your Brand Image After a Faux-pas

If you care about your personal brand, you probably make an effort to not put your brand’s hypothetical foot in its mouth. Even without formal training, this awareness is known as reputation management. Oftentimes news breaks of a tone-deaf or in-poor-taste advertisement that rubs audiences the wrong way. That is the focal point of our article today; how to identify a mistake in record time and also rectify it like […]