Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with Pixels

Having the right tracking pixels placed can be almost forgotten. But when you are relying on lookalike targeting and prospecting to find more potential customers for your brand, having a solid amount of visitors already tagged is important. So why wait? It’s time to get pixeling! Let the My Social Biz teach ‘ya how.  So, What are Tracking Pixels in Marketing?  Advertising Pixels, also known as tags or beacons, are […]

Make Your Website Great Again… 2021 Edition

How many times have you heard the word “UX” compatible or “UX” optimized thrown around in design specs or pitch-decks? It’s a common selling point for digital designers, and there is not a ton of quantitative data that backs up certain choices for layout or aesthetics.  UX is an art and has been closely studied, as seen in Peter Moreville’s “Honeycomb” model. Like any theory,  it’s been argued over, but […]