Write Killer AdWords Copy in 5 Steps

AdWords is a powerful to market to an already-primed audience. But how do you get people to click through? We break down 5 ways you can write some kick-@$s copy.  1. Add Value Don’t just focus on keywords. Speak to the user’s objective or pain point. Offer an answer to their search. Remember to always ask the question they will be searching: “Does this ad offer an answer to their […]

Thought Leadership 101: Building a Strategy

Thought leadership marketing is the process of increasing the visibility of specialized expertise and accelerating market influence to accomplish marketing goals (like building brand strength or generating new business). It is accomplished by creating insightful analysis and content and making that thought leadership visible to your target markets. Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing Thought leadership is often confused with content marketing, and for good reason! Content marketing is much broader. […]

Make Your Website… Great Again?

You could define “a great website” a variety of ways. However, there is a common denominator in all of them summer up by: A great website inspires the visitor to take action. Of course, the best website in the world won’t invoke an action every time. However, when you understand and apply the elements that make a great website, your chances for success increase. Here are 12 ways you can […]