Crisis Marketing: COVID-19 Edition Pt. II

Alright, so now you have envisioned the emergency scenarios that are most likely to impact your business. It’s now time to create a bulletproof response strategy that will leave you nothing left to do other than execute.How do you best map appropriate responses to both your business activities and disaster situations? You first anticipate which areas of business will be the most impacted, and which elements in particular. Afterwards, you […]

Crisis Marketing: COVID-19 Edition Part I

Global or national situations can be difficult to navigate online as marketers for risk of being called “tone deaf” or “out of touch”. Sometimes, companies can refrain from touching on the subject in order not to offend people. But taking the right actions and finding the right message can be challenging, especially in a fast-changing situation. All companies should operate with integrity and trust even as they come under pressure […]