Just a while ago, a long list of Facebook.. er.. Meta.. followers meant a bigger email list… and a more profitable online business. While that still may be true, things are a little different now. Facebook continues to poke, prod and refine its algorithm. We could sit here and complain about constantly having to iterate. Or, we could see it as an opportunity. 

Most people are still marketing on Facebook based on an outdated approach. But imagine if you relearned it as almost an entirely new tool? In this article we will give you the best tips to make Facebook (still) work for you.

Mistake #1: Overusing the “boost post” feature

Clicking on “Boost Post” might be easy, but it is far more effective to take the time and use the Power Editor to create bespoke campaigns. When you boost a post, you have limited ability to target your audience, this means using a previously tracked pixel or more intelligent social listening goes out the door. Exposing your post to a well-targeted audience is a must if you want to make the best use of your advertising dollars.Also, because boosting posts is so simple, it can get out of hand and wreck your advertising budget.

It’s okay to boost a post occasionally as long as you don’t make it your only method of getting your content seen. A great (and free) way to make use of successful posts, is to repost them!

Mistake #2: Using your page to sell – and being obvious about it

The purpose of social media is to obviously be social. For Facebook, the name of the game is inspiration, entertainment, and keeping up with the Joneses. That being said, the last thing your followers want is to see a stream of ads when they go to their newsfeed.

Companies of all sizes can find creative ways to promote their products and services while delivering value, but creativity and authenticity has to be at the forefront. An example of ways to do this include sharing a link to an article or video that delivers true value, and asking for people’s email addresses to access complementary (and complimentary) information. This could be an intake form or a quiz. If you ever feel like you are being too “salesy” a great a rule of thumb: don’t let your purely promotional messages exceed 20% of your posts.

Mistake #3: Only posting your own content

Exclusively posting your own content won’t allow you to maximize the value you deliver to your followers. The more value you deliver, the more engagement. The more engagement, the more subscribers. Simple! 

The hard part is determining the content that brings value. Start by putting your expert hat on. 

People trust experts. If they trust you, they’ll be eager to sign up for your list. Posting popular posts from other pages will also allow you to capitalize on their positive momentum. Crowd sourcing what topics you want to hear from your followers is another great way to boost engagement! Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and respond to your comments. 

Mistake #4: Not aligning to your brand

For followers to decide to become your subscribers you need to make your service offering very clear. Vague or inconsistent topics are not engaging, and are downright confusing. 

Your branding should guide all of your actions on Facebook, from the choice of font in your images to the kind of content you share. Encouraging people to follow your other social media or check out your website for further information is a great way for them to gather information and become loyal. 
As you relearn how Facebook can help your brand sales and popularity, it is also a great time to reevaluate your brand image. If you feel it needs a facelift to keep up with the time, or even to keep an edge on the competition, My Social Biz is your final destination. We help assess your company identity from top to bottom, and go to grassroots levels to best integrate you with your customer base via content strategy and social media. Want to learn more? Let us tell you about our approach on a complimentary coaching session. Reach out to olivia@mysocialbiz.net for more information today!

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