How COVID Changed the Marketing Landscape.

Despite some of the optimism that this period of doom and gloom will be leaving us soon, it has become apparent that the long-term picture for marketers is changing drastically.  Several marketing experts have emphasized that the pandemic previews how brands will need to continue to be nimble in navigating future crises. From internal operations to consumer-facing messaging, key aspects of marketing have become a moving target marked by a […]

What Makes for a Good Blogging Strategy?

Today‚Äôs consumers expect to be educated before they buy. Education-based marketing is not new, but today, it’s almost a non-negotiable for businesses of all sizes, and in all industries. Especially online marketing.  In fact, according to a recent inbound marketing report, nearly 80% of companies which use blogging as part of their marketing strategy report acquiring customers through their blogging efforts.  But blogging, like any business activity, needs to have […]

Unleashing the Power of Internet Marketing

After speaking with my friend tonight, I realized that many incredibly intelligent people out there run businesses while not understanding what the web is all about.  There are an endless amount of things that one can do when entering the wild world of the internet. From marketing, traffic building, social media platforms, optimizing SEO, it is endless and everchanging. We live in a world that is digitized, memorialized and block […]