There is still time to ride the Tik Tok wave!

Tik Tok has taken over the western hemisphere as a leading social media platform, and has scaled it’s total user base to over 1 billion people. With a wide array of content and subject matters, it’s not just an app for teens and tweens. Users of all ages are joining the TikTok phenomenon, with celebrities, influencers, publishers, and household brands now in the mix. You may be wondering if this […]

What is Ad Fatigue — And Why Should You Be Concerned About It.

Picture this: your ads are approved, they are spending budget, and all is seemingly going well! Your company (or your clients) have noticed valuable ROI and the campaigns are making the phones ring. 1 month goes by, then 2, and then 3. All of a sudden you stop noticing the results you had in the beginning. What gives? Even PPC professionals with substantial advertising experience can encounter the problem of […]

Marketing’s Unsung Hero: Gated Content

Do you know what is the top priority for marketers? It’s lead generation.  But, that’s not really surprising. You hear it all the time, and it seems like a fairly easy task to complete. But how do marketers generate more leads? In this post, let’s take a look at what gated content is and how you can use it on your website.  If you have a small budget, or no-budget […]

Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with Pixels

Having the right tracking pixels placed can be almost forgotten. But when you are relying on lookalike targeting and prospecting to find more potential customers for your brand, having a solid amount of visitors already tagged is important. So why wait? It’s time to get pixeling! Let the My Social Biz teach ‘ya how.  So, What are Tracking Pixels in Marketing?  Advertising Pixels, also known as tags or beacons, are […]

Make Your Website Great Again… 2021 Edition

How many times have you heard the word “UX” compatible or “UX” optimized thrown around in design specs or pitch-decks? It’s a common selling point for digital designers, and there is not a ton of quantitative data that backs up certain choices for layout or aesthetics.  UX is an art and has been closely studied, as seen in Peter Moreville’s “Honeycomb” model. Like any theory,  it’s been argued over, but […]

How to Take Marketing Notes from the Crypto Boom

Even as cryptocurrencies rise in popularity, they’re still something that most people have difficulty understanding. This presents a major challenge for companies struggling to make their product more visible in a market that grows more saturated by the day. Regardless of the subject matter, this is a frequently occurring problem in the marketing world as a result of globalization and the accessibility of online purchase.  That’s why the cornerstone of […]

How to Use Clubhouse for Marketing

As social media continues to grow, many consumers are spending more and more time online – hence the boom of mobile media platforms such as Tik Tok.  During this time, brands are desperate to find different ways to reach and engage their audiences in any way they can. While Tik Tok is a popular choice among Gen-Z and younger, there is a more sophisticated counterpart that is taking the app […]

My Social Biz is Expanding: Our New Service!

My Social Biz has expanded our paid advertising expertise into the world of Google Grant Management. This is a blossoming field for companies who are in the nonprofit sector and may have limited funds for getting the “word out” and furthering their impact.   So, what are Google Ad Grants? The Google Ad Grant is Google’s grant for qualifying charities and nonprofits give $10,000 in free in-kind advertising on Google Ads, […]

Biggest SEO Myths That Have Carried into 2021

Most myths are harmless. Silly tokenisms that don’t carry much weight are thrown around as fact all the time. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for most SEO myths. At best, they’re slightly misleading. At worst, they lead you to waste precious time, money, and resources on things that will never improve SEO! At My Social Biz, we believe in doing things smarter, not harder. Let us unpack some of […]

2021 is Looking Bright: But How Can You Market to Optimism?

The market over the past 9 months has been up and down, and extremely unpredictable. As we round the corner to 2021, you may be wondering what the appropriate way to market to your audience is.  When there is overconfidence & over optimism in the market, value often takes backseat and consumers indulge. As we know, when the time gets tough, consumers often tighten their purse strings and value comes […]

Understanding Web Metrics/ Ad Results 101

Understanding your viewership and interactions on your website or paid ads is imperative to iterating and improving your performance. However, the major metrics used to compare success can be confusing. The My Social Biz has broken down the most important insights you can glean from your online platforms into a concise blog article below. Let us know your thoughts! How many people are you getting your message across? This is […]

How to “Speak” SEO in 2020 – New version!

Every year, Marketers across the world have to pivot their tactics to rank higher on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Annually, Google brings its core updates, and occasional changes, impacting site ranking and results display standards. This is often discreet and is only discovered through trial and error. Therefore, it is always important to be updated on the SEO trends of the moment and learning from trusted […]