Having the right tracking pixels placed can be almost forgotten. But when you are relying on lookalike targeting and prospecting to find more potential customers for your brand, having a solid amount of visitors already tagged is important. So why wait? It’s time to get pixeling! Let the My Social Biz teach ‘ya how. 

So, What are Tracking Pixels in Marketing? 

Advertising Pixels, also known as tags or beacons, are the backbone of targeted advertising. We’ve discussed them at length in our initial blog on pixels (which is still a hit today, so we decided to give you a part 2!) If you still need a quick refresher, it’s the code that allows your operating system to recognize a returning user – which is way more valuable than a brand new user. 

Why Do You Need Advertising Pixels?

In digital marketing, Advertising Pixels are used to track both impressions (how many people have viewed a certain ad) or conversions (how many people took a specific action on a website). A specific action that carries value can be something like downloading an eBook or submitting a form on the site. They also enable Google Analytics and other similar tools to collect audience data. Aside from better understanding the type of people visiting your site, this tracking allows marketers to improve their ad targeting and offer more personalized experiences. This = more conversions. Boom. 

Advertising Pixels as a Conversion Tool

Now that we are on the topic of conversion, how do we get more of them? As mentioned, it starts by understanding the characteristics of the type of people that engage with your brand/products/etc. The best part is, you can start gathering more information about your target audience and their behaviors before the campaign actually starts.

Using tracking pixels on an e-commerce banner ad allows the company to assess how many people saw an ad compared to how many people actually clicked through and bought something. If views are high and conversions are low, this is a result of disinterest or ad-fatigue (blog post on this to come!)

Don’t Get Overwhelmed Just Yet…

The exciting part here is the massive opportunity available to marketers. There is no need to start the ad campaign before you drop the pixel. This means, natural traffic to your site can be a great informer of ad-targeting. When your next campaign starts, you should check that the pixels are firing correctly, and collect data from your ad creative and landing pages. So — pixel now, and pixel early. You will thank yourself later.

Let Us Get to Work for You!

Want to read more about digital marketing campaigns? My Social Biz has become a leader in the programmatic marketing space. We tap into your target audience and enable your site with all of the pixels you need to gather the correct information. Not to mention – you don’t even need to start paying for ads while the pixel collects its data. 

Still have more questions? We can answer them for free, reach out to neil@mysocialbiz.net for additional information on how to level up your marketing strategy. 

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