Do you know what is the top priority for marketers? It’s lead generation. 

But, that’s not really surprising. You hear it all the time, and it seems like a fairly easy task to complete. But how do marketers generate more leads? In this post, let’s take a look at what gated content is and how you can use it on your website. 

If you have a small budget, or no-budget at all, gated content is the best option for you to bring in leads. In our opinion, it’s one of the most overlooked and most effective ways to create an email list or get direct contact information for a possible customer. 

Still hesitant? Let us show you how you can leverage gated content in our blog below. 

Ok I’ll Bite, What Is Gated Content?

If users are required to provide their contact information to view your content, it classifies as gated content. Typically, users are required to fill out a form to get access to gated content. This form usually appears as a pop-up or as a part of a landing page on a website. Plugins are typically a good solution here if you don’t have the technical expertise to hard-code it.

However, don’t confuse gated content with premium content. While the latter is associated with an additional fee, gated content is always free – just exchange your contact info for access.

Pro tip: Since users are required to put in extra effort to access gated content, it is recommended that you use content that provides them with value. So, let’s talk about the best types of content that you can “gate” to generate more leads.

White Papers & Ebooks

Think of a white paper as a detailed report written on a specific topic. It is an authoritative piece of content that is typically written by experts in a field. Since it provides great insights and valuable information, it can work well as gated content. An ebook on the other hand, is a concise guide on a specific topic. The content of an ebook can be similar to that of a white paper but it is typically shorter. As gated content, they work well in the awareness stage of the sales funnel.

Case Studies

If your company has performed exceptionally well in getting more leads, sales, or conversions, you should consider writing a case study. Not only can it establish your brand as an authority, but also help you generate more leads. This type of gated content can appeal to users who are looking for success stories or strategies that have worked for others. Especially if you are offering a big ticket service like consulting, social proof is a necessity to get others on board.


Webinars are all about educating your audience. Generally, they have a good perceived value and are more likely to appeal to buyers who are in the decision-making stage.

Advantages of Gated Content

Gating your content is a great way to generate qualified leads who may be interested in your products and services. There are multiple benefits to this content marketing tactic.

Because you have their contact information, it also becomes easier to target them via email marketing. After adding them to your mailing list, you can send them your latest offers, product launches, and more. 

While everyone downloading your content may not be ready to make a purchase, you can always follow-up with them. In a nutshell, gated content enables you to move your prospects further along the sales funnel.

Disadvantages of Gated Content

One of the biggest disadvantages of using gated content is that you are limiting your reach. Some users may not be willing to put in extra effort to download your gated content even if they are interested in it. 

Additionally, if your content doesn’t provide enough value, it may indirectly damage your brand reputation and credibility. It does not help your brand get more visibility or traffic and can put a bad taste in customers’ mouths as they may feel you are phishing for their information with non-credible promises. 

Now that you know both the sides of the coin, you are in a better position to decide if you should use gated content. We largely agree that the pros outweigh the cons, but if you still have hesitancy or want to know how to best implement it for your business, we can provide you with a complimentary audit and evaluation!

Curious about what happens after your gated content ? Once you manage to get some leads, you should leverage segmentation to send them targeted emails. To check the effectiveness of your strategy, analyzing your important metrics is also crucial. We will cover this in the next blog.

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