Tik Tok has taken over the western hemisphere as a leading social media platform, and has scaled it’s total user base to over 1 billion people.

With a wide array of content and subject matters, it’s not just an app for teens and tweens.

Users of all ages are joining the TikTok phenomenon, with celebrities, influencers, publishers, and household brands now in the mix.

You may be wondering if this platform is the right move for your business, and the short answer is yes. It does not make brands more juvenile; it makes them more adaptive and increases the “online surface area” people can find your company. We’ve broken down 5 reasons why you should make an account today.

1 TikTok is fun and interactive 

TikTok is the perfect platform to show the lighter, more playful side of your business. Plus, with new trends continuously popping up, it’s easy to create content users are already interested in by duplicating trending content (Ex: hashtag challenges, brand takeovers, etc.). The “monkey see monkey do” nature of the platform makes creating authentic and engaging content a breeze. Not to mention, trending topics increase viewership enormously and give your brand viral potential. 

2 TikTok is continuously evolving

TikTok is still a relatively new social media platform, and its business features are even newer. It takes notes from the shortcomings and disabilities of previous social media apps. Because of this, TikTok continues to analyze and adjust its offerings for TikTok marketing, meaning the potential to grow your business on the app continues to rise. From sponsoring trending creators to releasing new advertising options, there is always a way to innovate. 

3 Repurpose user-generated content (UGC)

If you have a product people use and love, you can capitalize on that by encouraging customers to tag your brand in their TikTok videos. Even testimonials or accounts of positive experiences with your brand can be amazing (and free!) exposure. Some steps to catalyze this include coming up with a hashtag to allow your customers to easily apply. 

4 Opportunity for repurposing content 

TikTok videos used to be capped at one minute, but with a recent update in Q2 of 2021, users now have the option to film up to 3 minutes. Let’s say that you have produced a high quality video that showcases your business’ vision or mission statement. Instead of recreating the wheel, you can simply splice scenes you enjoy or feel best represent your brand, and upload it directly into the Tiktok platform! 

5 TikTok for Business: Budget-Friendly

One of the most compelling aspects of new emergency platforms is that the value of a CPM may be underactualized due to lack of data. In layman’s terms, it’s much cheaper to advertise on brand new apps! Many brands are still apprehensive about investing time and money advertising on TikTok, thinking it will be too difficult to set up campaigns and keep track of yet another app’s data. But perhaps the most attractive part of TikTok for business is that it can garner success within any sized budget.

Let us know if this has convinced your marketing team to take the dive into Tik Tok! Or, if you already have, share your experience growing your presence on the application in the comments. It is extremely important to be nimble and versatile as a marketer in the 21st century. At My Social Biz we are eager to teach others how to stay abreast of the hottest trends. For your personalized audit and consultation reach out to us today!

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