Despite some of the optimism that this period of doom and gloom will be leaving us soon, it has become apparent that the long-term picture for marketers is changing drastically.  Several marketing experts have emphasized that the pandemic previews how brands will need to continue to be nimble in navigating future crises.

From internal operations to consumer-facing messaging, key aspects of marketing have become a moving target marked by a volatility that could persist even after the current health crisis resolves itself. It’s a precariousness embodied by how fast the national conversation has flipped from focusing on COVID-19 to racial justice in the wake of mass protests over the death of George Floyd while in police custody. At the same time, the pandemic has deepened internal collaboration and accelerated response to such pressing issues, suggesting that savvy marketers could still meet the challenges of the “new normal”

So, is your business ready for that new normal? Here are three key trends you can start adapting to today:

1. Morph Your Voice with Tightening Safety Rules

Across the globe new workplace safety rules are being created to ensure no further spread of coronavirus. We have touched on this topic before, but aligning your company perfectly with best practices in maintaining sanitary and safety standards today will make it trustworthy. 

Adjusting your tone of voice and the methods of delivery can have a major impact on how you are viewed. Adapt current campaigns to be socially relevant. For example, your current campaign might have the slogan “Build community with your members.” You could change the campaign to “Support your members” to be cognizant of social distancing. Visuals should be also addressed. Avoid using imagery of people in large social gatherings such as in offices, shops, restaurants, gyms and schools on social media, blogs, emails, etc. Leaving such images on your existing website and advertising imagery is generally acceptable; however, images should still be adjusted if there is too much emphasis on large public gatherings or visuals that promote physical contact.

2. Make Your Products Available Everywhere

COVID-19 has accelerated digitization of global businesses across lots of niches. Online shopping has grown at an unprecedented rate, and there is a good reason that it is here to stay, even when the crisis is over. And it is not just about making your products available through a web browser. Online shopping behavior is becoming more diverse. Now is a great time to leverage Google ads, especially that ecommerce and web traffic is at all time highs. 

Spending more time and home and even working from there, consumers are forced to discover new shopping channels, including product comparison apps, voice-assisted devices, etc. Stay tuned for our next blog on voice-assisted marketing and optimizing this for your brand.

3. Being Charitable

In the wake of COVID and racial injustices, it is important for companies to use their (digital) voices. It is also important to be of assistance to your community and your customer base, and be an ally in all ways. Sharing instances of your charitable contributions is a great way to raise awareness, support good causes, and unite your brand’s community. It is also important to give back to those that celebrate and uplift your brand. However, avoid being a braggart or “virtue signalling”. Actions that seem overly try-hard can backfire and have the opposite effect on your image.

Need help on refining your COVID strategy? Or, hitting a wall on how to effectively communicate your concern and activism to your user-base? At My Social Biz, we are marketing wordsmiths and are dedicated to helping each of our clients communicate their mission, one message at a time. Reach out to or today to kick-start your marketing plan, or kick it into high gear.

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