AdWords is a powerful to market to an already-primed audience. But how do you get people to click through? We break down 5 ways you can write some kick-@$s copy. 

1. Add Value

Don’t just focus on keywords. Speak to the user’s objective or pain point. Offer an answer to their search. Remember to always ask the question they will be searching: “Does this ad offer an answer to their question or does it just restate the problem?”

2. Use Space Wisely (Optimize for mobile!)

Think strategically about how to use the space provided in the headline, ad copy, and display URL. Put the most important information in the headlines and remember that ads display differently on mobile vs. desktop— preview ads on both device types to ensure the headliners read as desired on both views.

3. Use Keywords in the URL

Google Adwords allows up to two 15-character path fields to their display URL. Include keywords in the display URL field that portray confidence the landing page will answer their question. This technique reassures the user that clicking through will get them exactly where they want to be!

4. Use Dynamic Copy

One of the most powerful components of search ads is the ability to easily change them. Keeping a sense of freshness and urgency will keep your audience engaged and returning to your site. Google has even released a dynamic feature that will rotate copy options for you! (Although this is in beta)

5. Test and Monitor

Each time an ad is changed, test it out to see what’s working. Set specific goals, such as improving sales conversions or simply the click-through rate. Test and track each part of the ad’s anatomy including the headline, display URL, and description. Although, do not change more than one thing at a time.

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